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Angling Collection

     The Phoenicia Library’s Jerry Bartlett Memorial Angling Collection is a resource for books, rods and memorabilia, workshops, presentations and special events that celebrate the rich heritage of Catskill trout fishing, clean water, robust fish and abundant insects.

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*Angler Alert: *

*Now You Can Match the Hatch Digitally*

Phoenicia, NY–Fly fishermen looking ahead to fishing the legendary Esopus
Creek now have a single place to go to find out all they need to know to
match the hatch.

Officially launched today, the interactive website,, provides Catskill anglers with a
comprehensive digital “hatch chart” of the insects the trout are eating,
the artificial flies that best imitate those insects, and when and where to
fish the trout. It also offers a history of angling on the Esopus Creek,
the natural history of local trout species, recipes for tieing the flies
that match the hatch, and more. The content is available on all devices, so
users can access it on a desktop or laptop, or carry it with them via
tablet or smartphone.

The website, produced by the Jerry Bartlett Angling Collection housed in
the Phoenicia Library in Phoenicia, New York, is a state-of-the-art
marriage of art and science created by the Chichester, New York design firm
of Stephanie Blackman Design and Mark Loete, a professional photographer
and Esopus fly fishing guide. It was sponsored by a grant to the Phoenicia
Library from Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Ashokan Watershed Stream
Management Program.

The project began after a fire at the Phoenicia Library in March 2011
damaged eight “Match the Hatch” panels housed in the library’s Jerry
Bartlett Angling Collection. The panels had been created by fishing guide
Jerry Bartlett in the early 1990s as part of his instruction and guiding
program and included photos of 47 species of aquatic insects in various
life stages, matched with the artificial flies that imitate each insect.
Project workers transcribed the information from the charred panels, then
cross-correlated it with macro-invertebrate surveys of the Esopus Creek
carried out by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
from 1995 to 2010 and with on-stream observations by experienced Esopus
anglers during the 2013 angling season. The taxonomy was updated to reflect
the most recent changes in the naming and classification of the listed
insects brought about by advances in genetic DNA testing.

The resulting 2014 Match the Hatch digital edition is a listing of 33
insect species favored by hungry Esopus Creek trout, reflecting current
conditions and arranged by month of their appearance. A photograph of the
nymph and adult phase of each species is paired with studio photographs of
the artificial flies that best imitate each insect. This information can be
accessed by time of year, generic name of the insect, scientific Latin name
of the insect, generic name of the artificial fly, and/or by a visual match
of the photos with the live insects encountered on the stream. The
artificial flies are further categorized as drys, nymphs, attractors,
terrestrials and streamers. Included is the fly tyer’s original recipe for
the fly, listing hook sizes and the materials used in making the fly, and
identifying both the tyer and the originator of the fly. Fourteen master
fly tyers, recognized as among the best at the arcane craft of
Catskill-style fly tying, contributed their artistry to the project.
Sixty-four original flies tied for the project are mounted in
museum-quality shadow box mounts and placed on display in the Phoenicia
Library (9 Ava Maria, Phoenicia, NY 12464).

The Jerry Bartlett Collection at the Phoenicia Library was created in 1995
in honor of local guide and angling instructor Jerry Bartlett (1939-1995),
who worked tirelessly to conserve the cold water fisheries of the Catskills
Mountains. We celebrate the history and traditions of Catskill Angling
with an extensive collection of books about fishing and fly tying as well
as with collections of rods and reels, tackle, historical memorabilia,
artworks, archives, and other resources. Dedicated to Jerry’s memory, the
collection is housed in the Phoenicia Library and is open to the public
during library hours.

*Open House: Web Site Launch and Celebration, April 12, 1-3 PM, Phoenicia
Library, 9 Ava Maria Drive, Phoenicia, NY 12464 -* “To many afflicted
Eastern fishermen, the ‘Green Drake Hatch’ is as irresistible and
habit-forming as black jack, whiskey, or easy women (” Green
Drake mayflies used to be so numerous they blackened car windshields, but
we hardly see them now on the Esopus. What happened? The answer to this and
other tricky entomological questions will be revealed at an Open House in
conjunction with a demonstration of the web site, fly tying by Catskill
master tyers, and book sale.