Library Update – August 2020

We hope this finds you and your family well!

We have been operating the library for almost 5 months since the start of the pandemic. We thought we’d spotlight our programs during this period.  One of the new things we are doing is offering programs online, since the second week of lock down thanks to our enthusiastic staff.  It was one way we could still reach out to patrons, and almost every single member of the staff threw themselves into offering something.  In fact, we offered twice as many programs during this period as the year prior.

From March 15- August 1, we offered a total of 208 live programs, double what we did in 2019.  

Children’s: 134 virtual program sessions offered

Art with Francesca
Christina’s Bedtime Story
Summer Reading Program Kick Off
Summer Reading Program Contest
UCLA Summer Reading Program
Math Help

Adult’s: 74 virtual program sessions offered
Art Circle
Book Club
Breathe Stretch Relax
Computer Fixer
Draw the Feeling – Online Art Practice
Food Delivery
Fuel Buying Coop
Insurance Navigator
Legal Help
Medicare Counseling
Memory Caregivers Group
Monday Meditation
Online Meditation
Online Singing
Phoenicia Chats
Sparrow & Watson
Sparrow Memoir
Outreach to Patrons (phone calls)

We ran some statistics to find out what the attendance was for these virtual programs.  It turns out, that when you do programs online, they go “viral” and many more people view them than when we offer them in person, so our attendance for this time period increased 425%.

March 15- August 1st Programs: 2019 versus 2020

2019 2020
Number of Programs offered 104 208 (all virtual)
Overall Attendance 2,214 11,627 (up 425%)

  • 879 identifiable individuals
  • 10,748 anonymous views

We hope you have enjoyed this snapshot of some of what we have been doing during this time.

Thank you so much for all your support.  Your calls, emails, Facebook comments, smiles at curbside pick up – they have meant everything to us!!  Let us know if you need help with something.  We are a phone call away.

Best wishes,

Liz Potter

PS. If you like numbers and stats, please take a look at our newly released Annual Report to the Community on the year 2019.  Last year was very different from now, but you can see how we function, a few successes we had, and our partnerships.  Thanks for your interest!

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